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Becasuse every position requires different skills, your assessment need to be more specific

Smart hiring tool with role-specific assessments

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Our tests library includes selection of tests across psychometrics, cognitive, and soft & hard skills

Boost efficiency through assynchronous video interviews

Your team can pre-view candidate’s responses at own convenience
hiring role-specific assessments CandidatesSmart hiring tool with role-specific assessments
Smart hiring tool with role-specific assessments

Remove unconcious bias

Let skill data to support your recruiting decision
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Build organization & position specific assessments


In addition to personality type and culture fit tests, various tests are prepared for IT developers, UX design, design, finance, marketing, general administration work, etc. The test pool will be continuously updated and expanded.

Since we have a confidentiality agreement with the questioning organization and experts, and the number of question pools is absolutely large, it is less likely that some candidates leak questions and make copies. If you study similar problems, it will literally become a study, and your skills will increase.

Yes! We are providing a form of a one-way video interview feature, in which candidates’s interview will be recorded. In most interviews, interviewers often repeat similar questions, but you can judge the communication ability and thinking ability of the candidate through the video answers recorded in advance by the candidate without any scheduling difficulties.

We work with frontline organizations and group of experts to create tests and provide services. The test is confirmed through cross-validation by the experts at least twice.

The closed beta test will be launched from August 2022. Please leave your contact details by clicking on ‘Contact Sales’, and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

The processes are as follow: Pre-meeting -> Contract progress -> Set up service in the order, and the total period from the time of the pre-meeting is usually consumes within 10 business days.

It will be billed monthly, and the rate varies depending on the size of the company.

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